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Paul Gamble, Head of Emerging Europe, Sovereign Group at Fitch Ratings

Paul has been at Fitch Ratings since August 2012 and has been Head of Emerging Europe in Fitch’s Sovereign Ratings Group based in London since mid-2015. He has primary responsibility for the analysis and rating of sovereigns in Emerging Europe, with particular emphasis on Turkey and the region’s energy exporters. Previously, Paul was responsible for credit ratings for the bulk of Middle Eastern sovereigns and some Emerging European and African sovereigns.

Prior to joining Fitch, Paul spent five years at Jadwa Investment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, rising to the position of Chief Economist. Previously, Paul was a Senior Economist at Samba Financial Group, also in Riyadh. Before this, Paul was an Economist covering the Middle East and Africa for the Institute of International Finance in Washington, DC, a role he took after seven years producing political and economic analysis on the EMEA region for Londonbased consultancies.